Friday, April 11, 2014

A New Option of the Affiliate Program: Listing Services of Professional Providers

Our Affiliate program has just started gaining great success for both affiliates and BOs! Thus we are working on a new program to provide even more lucrative opportunities for people to earn with UInvest. The idea of a new program is just brilliant! Why should our affiliates be limited only to obligations of the projects listed on UInvest? Why can't they offer online business management services to potential customers? There's no reason for that!
Therefore, we are about to present you a new option of the affiliate program. Under the terms of this program UIcloud will list legal, analytical, sales, IT and PR services of the professional service providers, and each UInvestor will be able to share referrals to the above mentioned services page and obtain a fair commission for their job!
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A Tradepeer trader shares trading secrets with his trade peers! - An Interview With Alex Kompak Held During April 2 MC

This week's MC with Alex PR featured a very special guest – Mr. Alex Kompak. “Who is that?” you would ask. If you had participated in the MC, you would have known for sure, because Alex Kompak is the most successful trader on Tradepeer! Mr. Kompak was very kind to take part in our MC and answer all tricky questions raised by Alex PR and UInvestors. That interview was very interesting and useful for those who wanted to start trading on Tradepeer, and for those, who still had doubts about it. Mr. Kompak provided comprehensive answers, which we believe would motivate many UInvestors to become devoted “trade peers”.
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Now every investor in uinvest can withdraw their dividend that their get from project number 96 & 97. How to withdraw it? its very simple and easy.

Just buy the 96&97 share using your uinvest balance then wait for the 25% dividend that will be pay direct to your Upay account. after you have the balance in the upay account you can make a request via upay agent.. very simple